Choosing the right Espresso Machine - Basics

Outside of the build out of your space, the largest expense for most coffee shops is their espresso machine. With all the options and resources available today, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which brand, style and machine to go with. 

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your espresso machine.

Will it handle the volume of your business?

One of the most common mistakes we see coffee shop owners make is that when they purchase equipment, they purchase it with the "average" volume of the shop in mind. The problem with this that you may know if you have ever worked behind the counter of a coffee shop is that there is rarely an even and steady average flow of customers. There are slow times and busy times. You need an espresso machine that can handle your rushes and not just your average. 

Some key things to consider here are the number of groups that the machine has, the boiler size and the power of the heating elements. For example, a small temporary set up may be able to use a 1 Group machine while a busy cafe might need a 3 Group machine. It all depends on how much coffee you plan on making.

What types of features do I need?

In today's coffee world, there are seemingly endless options for what an espresso machine can do. Some machines will grind your coffee, pull your shots, steam your milk, take your orders, change your oil and pick up your dry cleaning. 

Of course I'm kidding about some of those, but there are some things to think about when it comes to these features. 

1. Will I use the features I'm paying for?
2. How much benefit do I get for the cost?

For most shops, we recommend at least going with a Automatic Volumetric model because of the huge benefits it offers in terms of time saving and multi-tasking ability. We've found this to be a features that almost always pays for itself. having display screens is also a really nice way to be able to quickly access programming and retrieve data from your machine. 

Does it match the feel of my coffee shop?

When you walk into a coffee shop, often times the first thing you might see that sticks out to you is the espresso machine. Maybe less practical than the first two sections, but important to building your brand and the feel of your space. 

What you put on your counter can communicate to your customers who you are and what you're about. Here at Creation Coffee, we offer espresso machines for any aesthetic from sleek and modern to technical and digital to the standard work horses. 

Go ahead and start shopping now!

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    I am really glad about knowing vital information on choosing a commercial espresso machine. After reading this article, it helped me a lot in buying a commercial espresso machine and I am very happy this machine is working properly.

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