What equipment do I need to start a coffee shop?

Every day we work with new entrepreneurs who are working to compile an equipment list from browsing through blogs and equipment provider sites all over the internet. But what do you really need?

Since our mission and commitment are to provide our customers with the best service and information out there, we've done the work and compiled the list for you! Below is a list of the basic equipment you'll need for your project, a general price range, and some additional options that you may want to consider purchasing. 

In addition, our staff is here to make building your new business a breeze. Feel free to call us or email us with any coffee business questions and we will help you get everything you need. 


Espresso Machine ($5,000-$28,000)

This is the backbone of any coffee shop. The most iconic piece of equipment and the most important for making most of the drinks you'll be serving at your coffee shop. We recommend making a solid investment in this piece of equipment as it will have a huge impact on the workflow and quality of your products. An important consideration when selecting an espresso machine that fits your volume is to choose a machine that is powerful enough to handle the busiest rush you have. Remember, customers do not come in a steady even flow throughout the day.
**This also will require water filtration and softening

Espresso Grinder ($700-$4,000) 

As important as the espresso machine, you can't make espresso without the proper grind. We are asked this question often so we will answer it here: No you do not want to grind your espresso with a regular bulk grinder and you do not want to get your espresso pre-ground. You really need one of these. Your espresso grinder and machine are an important duo and work together constantly. You'll want to make sure that you get a grinder that can keep up with your espresso machine and gives you a consistent quality of grind. A poor grinder can cause even the best espresso machine to pull bad espresso. 

Generally you will want at least two of these: One of regular, one for decaf.

Batch Brewer ($500-$2,000)

The batch brewer is going to be responsible for all your brewed coffee. Regular brewed cups of coffee are a staple in most coffee shops, and serving brewed coffee is a fast and easy way to serve a large number of customers quickly. 

Filter/Bulk Grinder ($700-$3,000)

This is your multi-purpose grinder that's great for grinding batch brew, pour overs, retail bags of coffee, etc. 

Air Pots/Carafes ($40-$350)

You've got to have something to brew all your coffee into. Air pots are a popular option due to their convenient size and being considerably less expensive than thermal carafes. Thermal carafes are a great option as well. Many of them are easier to use in terms of pouring out coffee quickly and a number of options will show you how much coffee in left in the carafe so that you know when to start brewing the next one.

We won't get into details on these, but you will need the following:

Milk Pitchers 
Espresso Cleaner
Cups (to go and stay)
Knock Box
Shot Glasses

**Great Optional Choices

Pitcher Rinser
Pour Over Set: kettle, dripper, scale, stand, carafe
Espresso Distribution Tool
Hot Water Tower


All of these items are available here at Creation Commercial. On our site, we only sell high quality coffee equipment that we would use ourselves. You won't find a single product on our site that we don't believe in. 

Contact us if you need help creating your equipment list: info@creationcommercial.com

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