Curtis 1.5 Gallon Thermal Freshtrac™ Dispenser with Non-Lockable Base and Wide Mouth Lid TFT15G3

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  • Twin Leds - Enables You To Easily Check Coffee Quality Even From Across The Room
  • Stand Alone Operation - Curtis TFT Requires No Connection With The Brewing System
  • Universal Fit - Curtis TFT Is Designed To Fit Existing Models Of Curtis Thermal Dispensers
  • Brew-Through Convenience - Maintains Coffee Flavor, Temperature And Quality
  • Long Service Life - Curtis TFT High-Tech Power Module Features A One-Year Performance Guarantee
  • Also Available - TFT Dispensers With Locking Or Non-Locking Bases (TFT15G3) And TFT Dispensers Without Bases (TFT15G2)
Height (in.) 23.130"
Width (in.) 9.130"
Depth (in.) 14.380"
Cup Clearance (in.) 7.63""
Ship Height (in.) 28.00"
Ship Width (in.) 13.00"
Ship Depth (in.) 18.00"
Ship Weight 16.00 lbs
Ship Cube 3.8 cuft
  • NSF

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