Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Digit 3 Group Auto-Volumetric
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Digit 3 Group Auto-Volumetric
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Digit 3 Group Auto-Volumetric
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Digit 3 Group Auto-Volumetric
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Digit 3 Group Auto-Volumetric

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Digit 3 Group Auto-Volumetric

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The Aurelia Wave Digit builds off the Aurelia II Digit adding a number of new improvements and features. Coming standard with a high resolution touch screen display this machine gives the barista unparalleled control over the machine at their fingertips. Allowing the baristas to easily program dosages, boiler pressure, pre-infusion, and even energy savings settings. Making this one of our most flexible and consistent volumetric espresso machines.

The identity of the new Aurelia. Wave like water, wave as the distinctive line of the side. But this is just the beginning. Because its technology will astonish you, and not only once,but five times. Because there are five themes on which Nuova Simonelli has put its attention, once again rising the bar of coffee machine technology: Water, Eco-SustainabilityQuality of the EspressoDigital Information, and Ergonomics. 

Smart water technology

Water is a key element for coffee and has a great impact on both beverage quality and machine reliability. Thanks to Smart Water Technology, Aurelia Wave detects basic water parameters and warns when quality changes. This may seem only logical, but no coffee machine had ever done it before, despite the water being responsible for 50-70% of reliability issues. This way, the barista can be certain of water quality and can save in machine maintenance. The wave of Aurelia Wave is a pure and simple revolution and the benefits to you are clear and transparent.


Aurelia Wave has been designed to contain energy consumption and improve environmental impact. You can always count on of its eco-sustainability. Respecting and improving the world we live in is a true mission of Nuova Simonelli.

espresso quality

With Aurelia Wave, today Nuova Simonelli reaches a new milestone in the extraction science with Pulse-Jet, the new patented technology that optimizes the flowrate and water pressure during the dispensing phase. You can explore extraction profiles that were never tried before: a spectrum of aromas, nuances, nose and palate sensations that will amaze you and will bring a smile of satisfaction when you will try a coffee you’ve never tasted before.

digital information

The new Aurelia Wave is the first professional coffee machine with a remote control interface so comprehensive and easy to use. With a simple touch you will have full control over all the steps of extraction, preparation, dispensing and cleaning. Every technical aspect of the machine will be under your eyes. To improve your performances easily, the Espresso Management System allows you to view hourly, daily, weekly and monthly statistics with the possibility to compare them and find the best practices. All information is at your fingertips, even from your smartphone.


Aurelia II has reached new standards in ergonomics. Try it, and find out how easy it can make your job. With its new patented Auto-purge system, the cleansing of the sprayheads happens automatically when unplugging the filter holder. The Milk-light now only activates when using the wands, ensuring functionality and energy savings. Repositioned dispensing buttons allow you to press the buttons directly with the thumb of the same hand used to engage the filter holder.

Main features

  • LCD Display: With our unique software and LCD screen the barista can control everything from doses, boiler pressure, pre-infusion, and even energy savings settings.
  • Raised Group Heads: Machine comes standard with raised group heads. Allowing for larger cups to be placed directly below the group head.
  • Cool Touch Wands: Machine comes with our cool touch technology. This technology significantly reduces the temperature of the wands during the steaming process. Eliminating a safety hazard for baristas and reducing the time it takes to clean the wands.
  • Surface LEDs: Machine has been designed to adapt to any setting. The LEDs strategically positioned around the machine insure the barista can always see what they are doing.
  • Push-Pull Steam: Ergonomics are an important underling factor when choosing an espresso machine, which is why long ago we got rid of turning steam wands for the more user friendly push pull steam system.
  • Soft Infusion System: SIS (Soft Infusion Systems) reduces the importance of proper tamping technique, leading to a far more consistent espresso and eliminating human error.
  • Automated Cleanings: Machine comes with an automated cleaning process, in which the barista can use the digital display to select the desired group or groups to be cleaned.
  • Power Saving Options: T3 technology plus software allow this machine to be extremely energy efficient.
  • Reverse Mirror: The back-plate is designed to act as a mirror, allowing the barista to monitor every aspect of the brewing process.
  • Bar Pump Gauge: Comes standard with a bar pump gauge, making it easier than ever to check pressure profiles.
  • Water Level Indicator: Monitor boiler water levels easily using the water level indicator.


  • Volumetric Dosing: Allows the barista or operator to program the dosage. Often allowing for different dosages on different group heads. This means that the barista can start the brewing process knowing the machine will end it automatically at the pre programmed dosage.
  • AutoSteam Wands: Wands that simplify the milk steaming process.


Specs 2 Group 3 Group
Machine Length 32" 41"
Machine Height 22" 22"
Machine Width 24" 24"
Boiler Size   14 lt 17 lt
Volts 220v 220v
Watts: 4700 5400
Amp Draw 22 25
Power Input Nema 6-30 T Nema 6-30 T