Eureka Olympus 75 Neo Espresso Grinder
Eureka Olympus 75 Neo Espresso Grinder
Eureka Olympus 75 Neo Espresso Grinder

Eureka Olympus 75 Neo Espresso Grinder

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Features and Functionality

  • Steel Burrs - Strong like Zeus himself, the wide, aggressively cut burrs made short work of any blend we ran through them.
  • Volumetric Programming - Dial-in your perfect single or double dose for extra consistency.
  • Hopper Door - A sliding door closes off the hopper for easy removal and burr maintenance.
  • Stepless - Infinite grind settings mean you can find just-right consistency.
  • Bottom Burr Adjust - Make sit easy to get into the burrs for cleaning while still remaining close to your last grind setting.
  • Fast as Hermes - We dialed in the Olympus at a crazy fast 2.4 seconds of grind time for a double shot.
  • Smooth as Apollo - Even on its finest setting, we saw very little clumping of grinds.
  • Artemis' Accuracy - An adjustable portafilter arm and chute help to reduce mess. The included base plate will catch any grinds that miss the mark.
How Does it Compare?

You can enter manual grinding mode by pressing both single and double shot buttons at the same time.

Suitable Applications Espresso


Model Number Olympus 75 Neo
Manufacturer Eureka
Width 9.75 inches
Depth 10 inches
Height 25 inches
Watts 800 W
Volts 120V
RPM of Burrs 1400
Case Material Aluminum
NSF Certified Yes
Bean Hopper Capacity 3.5 lbs
Dosing Options Doserless/Chute Only, Timer - up to 60 sec
Adjustment Configuration Stepless - Infinite Settings
Grinder Style Burr - Flat Steel
Burr Diameter 75mm
Anti-Static Coating Yes
Timer or On/Off Switch Both Timer & On/Off Switch
Material Anodized Aluminum