Rancilio Classe 9 Xcelsius USB (USB-X) 4 Group Espresso Machine
Rancilio Classe 9 Xcelsius USB (USB-X) 4 Group Espresso Machine
Rancilio Classe 9 Xcelsius USB (USB-X) 4 Group Espresso Machine

Rancilio Classe 9 Xcelsius USB (USB-X) 4 Group Espresso Machine

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the taste revolution

Classe 9 is the perfect combination of stylish design and technological excellence. It is made from tough materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum and features an LCD screen with shot timers. Each group head is powered by the Temperature Profiling Technology that enables the water temperature to be set with an increase or decrease of up to 5ºC (9ºF) during the 25-30 seconds it takes for the shot to pour. The Temperature Profiling Technology features the most reliable constant brewing temperature that brings out each distinctive flavor characteristics of any coffee bean. C-lever steam wand handle is the most ergonomically designed handle for easy control steam pressure. The Classe 9 is the perfect addition to the front-of-the-house in any fine dining establishment or café.

Temperature Profiling

The Xcelsius system enables the temperature of the brew water for the cofee to be set dynamically, with an increase or decrease of up to 5°C (9°F) during the 25-30 seconds it takes for each individual delivery. This function allows the distinctive flavor characteristics of each individual roast to be brought out for the perfect cup of coffee.

sculpted by light

The steel sides of Classe 9 are marked by a blade of light that runs along the front edge. The reflections and glare on the steel create an atmosphere of great effect, making this a certain eye-catcher in every type of location

form and matter

The combination of materials used to build Classe 9 provides a beautiful sense of balance. The upper control panel is made from a new, sturdy scratchproof polymer that frames the controls, and makes them seem to float over the machine housing. The base and side covers in steel and satinised aluminium are modelled with great attention to detail and ergonomics. Form and function inextricably come together to bring a result of the utmost quality

soft touch and functional leds

The excellent ergonomics of Classe 9 are perfectly reflected in the innovative Soft Touch control panel with quick-response buttons and 3-colour operating lights that indicate that the various functions are running. The size of the buttons and clear graphics assist baristas in their daily activities, simplifying and easing their workload.

technological steam

The new C-Lever steam valve with a special control knob and ergonomic design is complete with open-stay and open-close functions. Ease of use for optimum steam system performance

a perfect brew

Class 9 is equipped with the innovative 4-TEA system to manage the water temperature for teas and herbal infusions. Developed by Rancilio LAB, this feature provides 2 different temperatures and programmable doses. The choice of water temperature helps bring out the best of various types of tea and infusions.

Main Features

  • Xcelsius: Temperature Profiling Technology
  • Well-Built & Sleek Design: Made from aluminum and stainless steel body. Features a scratch-proof polymer drain insert that can be removed and easily cleaned in dishwasher
  • LCD screen with shot timers
  • Programmable Doses: Up to 4 different programmable time-controlled brew doses
  • Auto-Volumetric: Soft touch keypads with volumetric dosing
  • LED Lights: The entire work area is lit by a series of energy-efficient white-light LEDs
  • Advanced Boiler Management (ABM.07):  specifically designed software developed to improve performance of the machine in conditions of intense use. When simultaneously brewing espresso, dispensing water and steaming milk, ABM.07 switches on the heating element to pre-empt any drops in temperature and ensure constant heating levels.
  • USB makes it easy to save drink parameters and make software and programming updates
  • Tea-Friendly: The hot-water temperature control system for tea and infusions has 2 different temperatures and programmable dosages. Hot and cold water are mixed electronically to obtain the desired temperature. It stops automatically when the programmed dosage has been reached. Both the temperature and the quantity of water can be programmed for each setting mode using the software, without needing to open the machine.
  • Two manual steam wands for frothing and steaming milk
  • C-Lever Patented Technology: ergonomically designed steam hand features two positions, pulse steam (down) or steam fully on (up)
  • Easy Clean: Intelligent management of the brewing button provides fully automatic group cleaning. 
  • Electric Cup Warmer: A special heating element with five levels of controlled heat on the top of the machine to keep ceramic cups hot
  • 1-year parts warranty


  • iSteam: Intelligent steam wand that automatically infuses air and turns off at the proper temperature to create the perfect milk for cappuccinos and lattes
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands: Fully insulated and cool to the touch manual steam wands



USB-X 2 Group USB-X 3 Group USB-X 4 Group USB-X 2 Group Tall USB-X 3 Group Tall USB-X 4 Group Tall


W x D x H (in)
30 x 22 x 21 40 x 22 x 21 49 x 22 x 21 3x 22 x 21 40 x 22 x 21 49 x 22 x 21

Boiler (L)

11 16 22 11 16 22

Voltage (v)

220 220 220 220 220 220

Element (w)

6150 6400
5900 6150 6400

Amperage (a)

30 30 50 30 30 50