Rhino® Classic Milk Pitcher - 32oz/950ml

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Why Choose Rhino Coffee Gear Milk Pitchers? The Rhino Coffee Gear Classic Milk Pitcher has been developed by people who understand the needs of the specialty coffee industry. The Classic Range of Rhino Coffee Gear Pitchers Features:

- Food grade stainless steel with a great quality commercial feel.

 - Well crafted spout design: Perfect for smooth pouring and latte art.

- Ergonomically designed handle: Great for the busy barista! Check out our comfort grip options - click here for more details

- Available in: 360ml (12oz), 600ml (20oz) & 950ml (32oz)

We always appreciate constructive feedback to help evolve our product range, feel free to email us at sales@rhinocoffeegear.com with any suggestions or developments.

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