Voga Ground Control Cyclops Coffee Brewer
Voga Ground Control Cyclops Coffee Brewer

Voga Ground Control Cyclops Coffee Brewer

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The patented and award winning Ground Control® brewing method is unique. Your coffee is crafted by drawing out each layer of flavor and then blending them together for a more refined beverage.

Why the Cyclops™?

A New and Award Winning Brewing Method

Winner of the SCA 2018 Best New Commerical Product, the Cyclops™ runs coffee grounds through a series of mini-brews. Each time carefully immersing and drying them, extracting more sweetness and less bitterness in every brew.

Boundless Possibilities

Ground Control® makes it easy: Up to a gallon of cold brew in only 8 minutes, and upwards of 550 oz of high TDS iced lattes in 5 minutes of your barista’s time. No other brewer has the versatility to produce at this scale or speed. Cyclops™ is not limited to just coffee: Craft high quality tea and cacao beverages, with a brewing platform that any barista can master in three minutes. It beautifully brews craft tea and cacao beverages as well. 

Create Wonder

Ground Control®’s stunning design is a dramatic blend of form and function that will draw new audiences to experience coffee and have customers coming back for more. Consistently brew your target coffee profile each time and watch your line grow.

Focus on Flavor

The patented process allows you to extract more of the desirable flavors, leaving no trace of bitterness, all through easy-to-use recipe development framework.

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